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We were born in an average family. My brother and I, we’re both dreamers. It’s really hard to pursue your dreams if you don’t have the resources, especially enough money to enroll ourselves to workshops and classes to further hone our skills and talents but that did’t stop us to reach for our goals. It’s […]

It’s your chance to MEET and GREET LIZA SOBERANO!

Maybelline Liza Meet and Greet - Gen-zel.com (c)

I always get excited if it’s something about one of my ultimate girl crushes, Liza Soberano. Being part of the Maybelline Squad (I’ll talk more about this in a separate post soonest!), means we are first dibs on newest Maybelline products and of course get to work with Maybelline’s IT girls Liza Soberano and Keysey […]

Enjoy your radiant skin with St. Ives

1 St. Ives Review - Gen-zel.com (c)

When it comes to my skincare routine, I always prefer to use brands that are 100% natural and paraben free yet still effective. I feel good knowing the product that I love also cares for our environment. One of the brands that I’ve tried and tested since high school is St. Ives. I started loving […]