Quick Guide on How to Avoid Unruly Hair with Vitress


Seen the short clip of #HowDareYourHair with Solenn on YouTube? I’ve seen it quite a few times already and I can really relate to her especially on days when my hair is just too stubborn. Even if I use a flat iron or hair curler, my hair looks ‘meh’. #HowDareYourHair with Solenn Heusaff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiydsYpOeJQ Well, […]

Enjoy a colorful, sexy, and sun-proof summer with Watsons!

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Watsons Make Your Summer - Gen-zel.com (c)

Who’s excited for this season? Have you planned any trip to the beach already? I can see my friends going to the gym and eating light these days to achieve that va-va-voom body for their bikinis when they hit the beach this summer! Don’t forget to stay protected during your vacation. Watsons “Make Your Summer” […]

My latest Sample Room Haul

Sample Room Haul Review Philippines - Gen-zel.com (c)

It’s been a while since I last posted a Sample Room Haul here on the blog and I miss hoarding samples from them especially the full-size ones! If it’s your first time to hear about Sample Room, it’s a beauty, health, and fashion sampling website hence, “Try before you Buy”. It’s also the first and […]

#CreateLegacies #GlobePlatinum


We were born in an average family. My brother and I, we’re both dreamers. It’s really hard to pursue your dreams if you don’t have the resources, especially enough money to enroll ourselves to workshops and classes to further hone our skills and talents but that did’t stop us to reach for our goals. It’s […]

It’s your chance to MEET and GREET LIZA SOBERANO!

Maybelline Liza Meet and Greet - Gen-zel.com (c)

I always get excited if it’s something about one of my ultimate girl crushes, Liza Soberano. Being part of the Maybelline Squad (I’ll talk more about this in a separate post soonest!), means we are first dibs on newest Maybelline products and of course get to work with Maybelline’s IT girls Liza Soberano and Keysey […]