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We were born in an average family. My brother and I, we’re both dreamers. It’s really hard to pursue your dreams if you don’t have the resources, especially enough money to enroll ourselves to workshops and classes to further hone our skills and talents but that did’t stop us to reach for our goals. It’s not easy to work your ass off and study at the same time. I remember the times when I was pressured to maintain a grade, worried if I passed or else I cannot go to school anymore. We both strive hard to earn something to support our hobbies, hoping that one day they will all pay off. I’m so proud of my younger brother for being such a man more than I imagined him to be despite our ups and downs. Sometimes you make me think, “ako ba talaga panganay?” 🙂 Thank you for being strong for me and mama, for you kind heart, and brave soul.
I promise to do my best, focus, and achieve all my dreams for you and mama. Love you and I miss you bunso!
Reminding everyone to keep going. Life is hard but you’re tougher!

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  1. Michele de Guia Ereño February 25, 2017, 9:31 AM

    Very well said sis! I feel you. There also times that I feel my younger sister is the eldest because she is the one who helps me most of the times especially when it comes to finacial issues. Just like you, where are lucky to have them because we know that whatever happens they always have are back. We may not always hear from them, but we know that they are also proud of us in whatever achievement we have.
    You have achieve alot, for sure your family is so proud of you. You became a strong and tough woman because of your struggles and achievements. Continue to strive hard not only for yourself but also for your mom, brother and Chuchai 😊.

  2. Ang cute nyong magkapatid! Next year hintayin ko yun dance cover nyo uli ha? Kumakanta din ba si brother mo?

  3. anna lechadores robelles March 7, 2017, 4:32 PM

    Cute cute. I always wanted to have a brother puro kasi kami girl, as in tres maria’s 🙂 We will be waiting for your next dance together 🙂

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