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Digital Walker Haul and Hottest Gadgets this 2017

Digital Walker Products Review - (c)

Aside from makeup haul, what gets me excited — GADGETS! I was invited to Digital Walker / Digits Christmas Party last December 2016 and I’m so excited to share with you guys a “gadgets haul” (plus first impression/review) and what’s hot for 2017!

1.1 Digital Walker Products Review - (c)

Digital Walker Christmas Party 2016

1.2 Digital Walker Products Review - (c)

The event was held at Century City Mall and we had a sumptuous lunch treat at Hole in Wall.

Let’s start with the gadgets that you should watch out for this 2017!

a Digital Walker Products 2017 Review - (c)

If you’re into fitness and active lifestyle, Fitbit Charge 2 (P8,490.00) will be a great companion to your daily workout and activities. It’s an upgrade from the most popular fitness wristband. Its PurePulse heart rate tracking helps with better calorie burns and maximized workouts, and you can now take a snapshot of your cardio fitness level. The Charge 2 is also equipped with SmartTrack advanced exercise recognition, guiding deep-breathing sessions with heart rate visualizations and cues for a better breathing pace.

For music lovers like me, Braven 405 (P4,890.00) is perfect to enjoy your favorite songs wherever you go. It has an integrated kickstand for free standing on the field or the gym. The Braven 405 plays for 24 hours, is waterproof, and has a certified IP67 dust-proof rating. I have Braven 400 HD (also from Digital Walker) at home which still functions perfectly! Superb quality I must say.

Photography-aficionado who loves to use smartphones for your photos? Get the Black Eye Pro Kit (P6,490.00). Black eye ensures top-notch quality for their smartphone accessories.

Another huge kick for the audiophiles is the BLUEANT Pump Soul (P5,790.00). Stylishly engineered to provide rhythm and deep bass you can feel, the Pump soul delivers an amazing 24 hours of playback on single charge. Its lightweight plastic and aluminium construction provides a durable framework and a secure, comfortable fit for either leisure or intense gym workouts.

b Digital Walker Products 2017 Review - (c)

Dashboard cameras are very important these days. It’s better to stay on top of security and safety especially when you’re on the road. RoadEyes recsmart (P9,990) provides peace of mind for drivers with its high-quality footage.

Needs to stay online all the time? Never run out of battery again! I love the Scosche MagicMount Powerbank (P2,990.00) as it automatically attach to your phone which makes it very easy to charge your phone while using it.

Photography enthusiasts will enjoy lightweight devices with artistic sensibilities. Insta 360 Nano (P12,990.00) brings the best in VR spherical technology, helping you capture the world in every angle.

The AUDIO PRO Addon T10 (P15,990.00) is a compact powered stereo loudspeaker that delivers a huge soundstage. With powerful deep bass and clear treble, the sound is pure joy and entertainment.

And for the coolest gadget in my list, Sphero SPRK+ (P8,890.00) is far more than just a robot. With Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant UV coating, hands-on learning is redefined. Navigate a maze. Program a painting. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party… the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

Now let’s move on with the Gadget Haul!

1 Digital Walker Products Review - (c)

2 Digital Walker Products Review - Coloud The Bang Speaker - (c)

Coloud – The Bang Speaker. I already have the pure black version of this and I loved it. Don’t under estimate its capabilities! It may not be a bluetooth/wireless speaker but the sound quality is not compromised with its size. It’s a plug and play speaker, no need for bluetooth or wireless set up to connect.

3 Digital Walker Products Review - Momax Portable Lamp - (c)

Momax Portable Lamp is perfect for travel. Aside from you can attach it to your laptop as instant source of light, you can also use this with your power bank for emergency!

4 Digital Walker Products Review - Black Eye Fish Eye Lens - (c)

4.1 Digital Walker Products Review - Black Eye Fish Eye lens - (c)

I wasn’t a huge fan of FishEye lenses, videos, and photos until I got this BlackEye FishEye Universal lens. You can attach it to any smartphone, tablet, or even your monitor! It comes with a cover and pouch so you can take it with you in your travels.

5 Digital Walker Products Review - Black Eye Fish Eye Lens - (c)

Sample footage using BlackEye FishEye lens attached to my phone.

5 Digital Walker Products Review - Fuse Chicken - (c)

Meet the toughest cable on earth, Titan Fuse Chicken. Since I don’t have problems with my android cables, I find this perfect for apple devices as I see a lot of complaints with iPhone cables.

6 Digital Walker Products Review - Momax USB AC Travel Adapter - (c)

This one is a must for travelers – Momax 1-World USB AC Travel adapter. No need to worry with adapters but be sure to check the voltage before you plug any of your devices or gadgets to outlets when you go to different countries. It comes with a pouch and already has two USB sockets so you can also charge multiple devices at the same time.

7 Digital Walker Products Review - Urbanears Bagis Tomato Earphones - (c)

New Earphones! I have this thing especially to items that I use a lot like scissors. I have like more than 5 scissors at home. One per room and box (eg. first aid kit box). As for the earphones, I have one each laptop (I have two, 1 for work, 1 for b/vlog etc.), then 1 for my everyday bag, 1 on my working table, 1 in my bedroom, so total is five! I already gave away to my friend and cousins I think 3 pairs. I’m a fan of Urbanears products. I have their headset with removable and washable ear cuffs and this pari is my second.

8 Digital Walker Products Review - Portable USB Mini Fan - (c)

Same with the portable lamp, this Portable USB Mini Fan can be plugged on any power source that has USB outlet like powerbank and laptops.

8 Digital Walker Products Review - Scosche Magic Mount Pro - (c)

My most favorite in this haul goes to this Scosche Magnetic Mount PRO. I have cellphone holder in my car. I bought it from Blade I think for around 800 bucks but it’s now not that sticky or attached to the dashboard surface even if it’s thoroughly cleaned. Magic Mount is perfect for holding my phone especially that I’m a no. 1 Waze app user and it makes navigating using my phone so much easier. Since it’s magnetic, I can easily attach and detach my phone to and from the car air conditioner mount.8.1 Digital Walker Products Review - Scosche Magic Mount Pro - (c)

It has two plates, the bigger one can be used on tablets or phablets. It comes with two color rings too to match your car’s interior design.

9 Digital Walker Products Review - (c)

It looks like my Princess Chuchai loves these gadgets from Digital Walker too!

10 Digital Walker Products Review - (c) Digital-Walker-Coupons

Now to make shopping more fun for you, for a minimum purchase of P5,000.00 single receipt or accumulated when you shop at any Digital Walker store, each customer will get a set of discount coupons! Promo is until today January 31, 2017 so hurry! You can get up to 30% off on participating brands mentioned in the poster.

11 Digital Walker Christmas Coupons 2016

Here are the sample coupons. You can use them until March 31, 2o17 guys!

To know more about the products and promo, you can visit and follow
Digital Walker on Facebook
and on Instagram @digitalwalker!

Did you find anything interesting from my list? If I’m to suggest just one, for those who have cars, go get the Scosche Magic Mount Pro, then for travelers, Momax 1-World USB Travel Adapter will be your best friend 😉




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