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If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, you will notice how much of a big fan of affordable but quality products I am.  I always seek for dupes or alternatives for high-end brands if there are some that are available in the market.  Today I’m going to introduce to you one of the raved brands nowadays.  If you love Korean products (skincare and makeups) or even if you’re not yet aware of them, then continue reading ^_^

I’ve actually seen this brand last year, I’m just not sure where was the first one but I always see their kiosk in SM Southmall.  Too bad I wasn’t able to try them out those days, until finally I’ll get my hands on them now!  A couple of weeks ago, I was able to score some products to try from this brand.

Introducing, Hayan Korea! High Quality Products at Reasonable Prices.  I’m so happy to know how sincere they are for making every woman beautiful as they offer their products at introductory prices so a lot of you can try them then definitely repurchase later on.

Here are the products that were sent to me for reviews.

Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel

Hayan Korea Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel | 100 grams

Original Price: P570.00 (approx. $14)

Introductory Price: P340.00 (approx. $8)

I’ve been using this since then and I’m excited to share with you my thoughts about this product! ^_^

Hayan Korea Vitamin Intensive Eye Cream

Hayan Vitamin Intensive Eye Cream | 20 grams

Original Price: P710.00 (approx. $17)

Introductory Price: P340.00 (approx. $9)

I badly needed a great eye cream product since I used to sleep super late.  I just sleep for 3-5 hours a day.  I know, that’s bad but I can’t help it.  I have a lot of things to be done everyday so let’s see how this works.

Hayan Korea Perfecting BB Cream

Hayan Korea BB Cream Perfect Skin Cover | 30 grams

Original Price: P700.00 (approx. $17)

Introductory Price: P390.00 (approx. $9)

You all know how I love BB Creams as my everyday makeup than foundation that’s why I’m so excited to try out this one.  A video review perhaps?  Whatchathink? 😀

Last but not the least,  I bought this one!  This is not sponsored or anything.  I got this together with Eyah of Eyahnism that day.  Guess how much this ONLY, again, ONLY cost me?  Yes, all of these included ^_^  I’ll be posting a separate one for this for your reference.

Hayan Korea Makeup Bag

That’s it for my haul and I’m so excited for the reviews!  I hope you are too! ^_^

For more information about this haul, kindly watch this video below.

Thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe on my channel 🙂

By the way, why not grab some while they are on sale!   It’s the perfect time to try them out! 🙂


For more information:

Hayan Korea Website

Hayan Korea Facebook Page



1. Star Mall, Edsa, Mandaluyong
2. SM SouthMall
3. SM Santa Mesa
4. SM San Lazaro
5. SM Sta.Rosa
6. SM San Pablo
7. SM Rosario
8. Victory Mall Caloocan
9. Victory Mall Antipolo
10. Star Mall Alabang

Soon to be open in…
1. SM Masinag


Have you tried Hayan Korea products?

What is your most favorite so far?  If not yet, what would you like to try first? 🙂


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  1. wow ~ I hope you’ll post some reviews later on. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing..

  2. Honestly, I haven’t try any Hayan Korean products but it seems that I wanna try it someday because of all the reviews that I am reading in your blogs, I just felt that I am interested to try it.

    1. Thank you Aliz! 🙂 I only give my honest opinion and feedback on my reviews. Let me know when you’re able to try out any of these. 🙂

  3. Anne Dorothy Buyco July 8, 2013, 10:30 AM

    I badly need an eye cream. Haha. Anyways, I lovw all their products, too bad it’s still not available here in SM Bacolod.:/

  4. Anne Dorothy Buyco July 8, 2013, 10:30 AM

    I badly need an eye cream. Haha. Anyways, I love all their products, too bad it’s still not available here in SM Bacolod.:/

    1. I super love that makeup bag + goodies. Gora sis, get your own din! 😀 I’ll try to do reviews on these pretty soon 🙂

  5. Ohhhh interested in Hayan Vitamin Intensive Eye Cream :)) i think I need to use an eye cream. starting to get dark circles. but it’s too pricey. haha. what other eye cream brands do you use besides Hayan eye cream? Thanks :))

    1. Hi fati! Their Eye cream is at introductory price like almost 30% off 🙂 Currently using la mav eye cream then I’ll follow up by this one 🙂

  6. Yeaaah! I’m so excited bout the review of every Hayan product. You know the first time I encounter this brand is when I’m job seeking. They are looking for EA. Too bad I didn’t land the position. Baka may libreng cosmetics kung sakali ahahaha..

  7. was rushing at home to open the traincase super best deal natin yan together as in!! :))))

  8. Hayan products! I love these but I guess the availability of some products depend on which country you are. Are these available anywhere online?

  9. Here we go again with cosmetics 🙂 Yay, di pa ito pwede sa akin. But I will take note of this things, lalo na yung BB cream as I am searching for a BB cream that I can use alternatively with other BB creams I tried before.

    1. Oh yes dear, after na mailabas si baby mo. I’ll be reviewing this BB Cream soon, I’ll let you know 🙂

  10. I want the eye cream! Hope they distribute their products to Iloilo as well. 🙂

  11. I heard about the flood incident from Eyah. GAAAHHH… How sad. TAT

    I love bb creams, too. They’re not too heavy, which is perfect for a kolehiyala like me. :3 Do a review on the eye cream! 😀 I’m losing sleep, too. TAT School, Y U SO HARD ON ME?!

    1. Oh yes, they lost almost 5,000 of these makeup kits. That’s the reason why I so love BB Creams too 😀 Will do a review on it soon 🙂 Time management is key for school 😀

  12. This is a new product range to me, too. looking forward to see how you find them especially the BB cream.

  13. Rochelle Rivera July 14, 2013, 1:42 PM

    Awesome haul definitely going to order mine. I am interested on that eye cream and bb cream.

  14. Oh wow, love the haul. I’m such a sucker for Korean skincare and probably hook on it more than makeup hehe. I love the sound of that oatmeal hun. This is the first time I heard of the brand but they again the UK is always behind haha.

    Btw, didnt realise that Eyah is also Pinay? Gotta keep in touch with you girlies for a meet up one day when I go visit there 😉

    x Donah (saw your comment exchange ❤)

    1. Hi there sissy! I love korean skincare too. They really work 🙂 I’ll review that peeling gel soon. Will let you know 🙂 Oh sure. I would love to hang out with you once you’ll have a vacation here 🙂 Please let us know when you’re coming 🙂

  15. hi there .. Didn’t know abt this brand. Thanks for sharing! I just got my korean beauty haul too n will b doing a post soon. 🙂

    1. Hi Janice. You’re welcome. Great! Please let me know once they are posted. I would love to see 🙂

  16. I have some Hayan Korea products with me too. Haven’t tried the products they sent me but I super love their eyebrow pencil! I always use it 🙂

    1. That’s great! would love to know your thought about them. Oh thanks for that! I’ll check that eyebrow pencil next time 🙂

  17. Now I’ve been hearing a lot of things about this brand na.. makes me really really curious na. hahaha 😀 I’m looking forward to experiencing their products rin.. will check them out and look where to get these products 🙂

    1. Hi Rhea! You should check out their products most especially as they are on sale, offering their items at introductory price till August I think 🙂

  18. melandria romero July 14, 2013, 8:52 PM

    such a new product to try. I have read several review about their products and i’m curious to have own say, will definitely find a way to get one.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Melendria. Oh, that’s great. Let me know when you were able to get some products from Hayan 🙂

  19. Sumi Go | The Purple Doll July 14, 2013, 9:10 PM

    Haven’t come across the brand Hayan yet, but I’ll definitely wait for your review. Will check them out at Victory Mall in Caloocan too. Glad to see they have a store/stall there. Southmall is just too far from my place eh! XD

    1. Oh good thing there’s somewhere near your place. You should definitely check them out as they are offering products at introductory price until August only I think.

  20. I really would love to try all Hayan products. I’m a big fan of Korean products especially beauty products 🙂

  21. I’ve been seeing blog posts about Hayan products and I think their products work well. I should try one soon.

    1. Hi Roselle! They are really effective plus affordable pa 🙂 Let me know when you were able to try it na 🙂

  22. Hi! I am actually one of the sellers of Hayan Korean Cosmetics 🙂 but i am just a student so I only do delivery. My mom is one of the distributor of HAYAN and i am just helping her 🙂 I don’t really use make up that much but after trying Hayan I started to use it myself 🙂 Its really good for everyday use and for COSPLAY ^_^ . . . anyway I am glad that you share the benefits of our products ^_^ and as i can see lots of girls read your blogs 🙂 so if its ok with you i would like to share the link where you can order the products and have it delivered 🙂 you will also have 10% discount every time your order on that site ^_^ again thank you with your wonderful blog 🙂 hope to read more about HAYAN.

    here is the link
    hope you all visit 🙂

    1. Hi Angelica, it’s nice to now you’re helping your mom 🙂 Thanks for sharing your link here 🙂

  23. Rosalie B. Tangonan September 22, 2013, 6:39 PM

    I just hope that Hayan will soon have its online shop. I really want to try their items soon…

  24. Hi. I’ve been using hayan mascara and their gold caviar BB Cream. I’m so proud to say even cheap ang price nla, npakaganda ng product nla. Hndi kumakalat ang mascara unlike other brands na pricey na pero panget p din. At ung bb cream kht na whole day hndi nwwala s face. Sayang nga wala na sa sm masinag at marikina. Saan kya meron pang kiosk ngyn? Pls help. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Mhy! True, super ganda kahit mura lang 🙂 You can buy from them mismo sa FB Page nila 🙂

  25. good evening..i just want to onow if hayan beauty products are still available in market..if they changed name whay is the new brand name..thank you .

    1. Hi Susan, i’m also finding out where to buy from them again. last time, these are the branches but I’m not sure if their stalls are still operating in theses malls. I’ll check and get back to you.
      1. Star Mall, Edsa, Mandaluyong
      2. SM SouthMall
      3. SM Santa Mesa
      4. SM San Lazaro
      5. SM Sta.Rosa
      6. SM San Pablo
      7. SM Rosario
      8. Victory Mall Caloocan
      9. Victory Mall Antipolo
      10. Star Mall Alabang
      11. SM Masinag

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