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I was never fascinated with fragrances before until I reached my 20’s.  My life is normal without wearing any perfume when I was high school – college.  A bottle can last me a year! *laughs*  I only use it whenever I’m in the mood to smell different or during special occasions.  Then my aunt went to Dubai to work and she always brings us full bottles of signature scents every time she visits here, that started my love for perfumes.

I spotted a new brand when I hoarded some stuff from Zalora a few months ago, have you heard about Le Posh Blvd?

Le Posh Blvd Le Posh Blvd Roll-on Perfume (10ml) – P129.00 (approx. $3)

I bought this for only P99.00 during Zalora’s sale and was included in my August Collective Haul.  Roll-on perfumes is perfect for everyday use and carry in your mini makeup kit.  I really hate bringing big bottles.  They are just too heavy to have in a purse.

Le Posh Blvd. Perfume from Zalora

Short facts about Le Posh Blvd (from their site)

Le Posh Blvd. is a unique brand that creates natural bath & body skincare and fragrance products for men, women, teens and the home. Our products have drawn inspiration from the Mediterranean, to create natural beauty products devoted to well-being and the pleasure of loving oneself by FEELING GOOD, LOOKING GOOD, and SMELLING GOOD.

This holiday season, they have gift sets!  Perfect if you still need some items to give to friends and family.

Le Posh Blvd Gift Sets

Le Posh Blvd Gift Sets | P250.00 per set

Le Posh Blvd Gift Sets are available in three scents, 2 for women (Vanilla Ice & Apple Pear) and 1 for men (Aqua).  They all come in posh box.  No need for gift wrapping and gift tags.  There’s a space for you to write, it looks like a gift tag already.  It’s affordable and hassle free!  Each gift set includes Body Mist and Body Lotion in 50ml.

Le Posh Blvd - Vanilla Ice

Le Posh Blvd Vanilla Ice

If you love anything vanilla, then this is the set for you 🙂

Le Posh Blvd - Apple Pear

Le Posh Blvd Apple Pear

If you love light citrus scent but more on the sweet side, get this!  This is also my cousin’s fave.

Le Posh Blvd - Aqua

Le Posh Blvd Aqua

Then of course, we have a set for guys.  BF is a bit sensitive with perfume.  He doesn’t like those with such a strong smell but this one, he likes it.  He said it’s good for everyday use and it doesn’t irritate his olfactory nerves!

Le Post Blvd Ingredients

Ingredients List and other Product Info

Among the three sets, my favorite is Apple Pear.  The scent is not too strong nor too light.  If you are sensitive with perfumes, this won’t hurt your nose.  What I really like about these is that, the longevity is not compromised despite its price.  It’s affordable, yes, but it lasted for hours.  Honestly, even the next day when I smelled my clothes, there’s still a hint of scent.

Le Posh Blvd also has EDTs for as low as P299.00, colognes for P80.00, and bamboo style makeup brushes for only P399.00.  If you’re not yet ready to spend on high-end perfumes,  I highly recommend this brand.  They offer affordable yet quality perfumes and other body essentials.

Le Posh Blvd Scents and Lotions

Now here’s the giveaway!  Le Posh Blvd and Genzel Kisses will be giving away 2 Sets to 1 lucky reader!  If you’ve been a loyal reader of GKB, I guess you know the drill! 😉  Just follow the MANDATORY steps from the Rafflecopter below.  Optional tasks are given for you to gain more entries but they’re no biggie.  Do the mandatory tasks then you’re in!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Deadline of entries is on January 9 EST.  Announcement will be on the 10th.

Some giveaways on the sidebar is ending tomorrow, don’t forget to check them out too!


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They are also available at Zalora.ph and all Rustan’s Essences Dept. Stores


Good luck loves and Merry Christmas to you all! <3


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  1. for everyday use, i love floral scents like the ones on johnsons baby colognes. and for big events or occassions, i use benetton cold or clinique happy.

  2. merry christmas ms.genzel my favorite scent to wear for almost a year is a bublegum from baby bench cologne.. hehehe i love it kasi smells so yummy parang laging amoy baby. fresh 🙂

  3. maria corazon boctot December 26, 2013, 10:09 AM

    i can live with out perfumes but most of my perfumes smells like fruity and sweet. im not in to vanilla scents so i think apple pear will suite my taste very well! 🙂

  4. My favorite scent to wear are floral or fruity. Depends on my mood hehe ^_^ Merry Christmas Genzel ^_^

  5. May Anne R. Bermelio December 27, 2013, 12:55 AM

    I actually love scents of flowers.. floral scent… but for the three scents.. I’ll choose the fruity scent Apple pear

  6. I would really be glad to use Le Posh Blvd Aqua. I’ve just knew it because of this Blog and thanks to you for sharing this review 🙂

  7. I think I’ll go for the Apple Pear! I just love light citrus scent with a sweet touch. 🙂

  8. i am not comfortable with heavy scents specially when travelling it tends to make me dizzy…..i like fresh citrussy scents that is light and pleasant.

  9. Ralph Alonzo Tobias January 1, 2014, 4:32 PM

    I would love to wear Le Posh Blvd Apple Pear all day! I’m a huge fan of scents with a citrus touch on it! 🙂

  10. hi Ms. gen, I want to share to you that I’m a perfume lover, as in super duper. I have different kinds of perfume/cologne in my room but some of it hindi ko pa nagagamit or once palang. Hopefully I could try this one ,The Le Posh Blvd Fragrances. :)))

  11. I’m a bit intrigued at the Le Posh Blvd Aqua 🙂 It’s hard to find a perfume that i like. With your description and by the sound of it, It might be just the right one for me ^_^. Hoping to win and to try out that perfume.

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