Luke Total Skin Solution Review

Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

You know how much I value skincare and that I’m a huge fan of facial masks especially sheet masks! I find them easier to use and very travel friendly. Luke Total Skin Solution is another brand from Korea that brought here not only essence sheet masks but also their eye patches and nose strips in different variants.

1 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

They officially launched here last month and you can check them on Instagram @lukeskinph and Facebook! I have tried all the variants of their sheet masks already (of course!), and a few of the hydrating patch and nose strips.

2 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

I always admire men who understand women for the love of beauty. During the event, they shared how they decided to bring Luke Total Skin Solution brand to the Philippines. It started with his mother who hoarded sheet masks in Korea. His curiosity led him to the idea to bring the brand here in the country since we love almost anything Korean!

3 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Luke Facial Masks From Korea contains only natural ingredients. It has Cucumber, Aloe, & Chamomile extracts to lighten the skin and Mugworth extract that’s rich in anti-oxidants to purify the skin.

Available in 5 Variants (sorted to favorites): Luke Snail Essence Mask (for firmer, elastic skin), Hyaluron Essence Mask (anti-aging, rejuvenating), Collagen Essence Mask (rejuvenating and repair), Green Tea Essence Mask (anti-inflammatory, smoothening), and Aloe Essence Mask (for smooth and glowing skin).

4 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

5 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

It’s one of the best facial masks I’ve tried! You can immediately see and feel the improvement of your skin after. So whenever my skin looks dull, this is the first thing I reach out for in my sheet mask collection. You can also notice how it perfectly fits my face (not too big nor small). I prefer using this at night.

6 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

The best eye patch I’ve tried is also from them. Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch uses hydrogel technology so it retains 250% more moisture, lasts up to 3x more, and ensures more thorough nourishment to the eyes. It’s not messy to use and sticks to the skin more effectively than normal eye patches.

Available in 3 variants to address different skin concerns, For Eye Wrinkles, Dark Circles, and Puffiness.

7 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

My eyes are puffy almost all the time because I love sleeping on my stomach. The tendency is, my body fluids go to my face and settle on the lower part of eyes.

8 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

I love it’s cooling effect! The shape of the patch make it very comfortable to use.

9 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

We all hate blackheads and whiteheads right? That’s why nose pore strips and nose pack are our bffs!

Luke Skincare Nose Pore Strips come in 3 variants as well; Charcoal (anti-oxidant), Mugwort (nourishing), and Lemon Tea Tree (lightening). To use this, you have to wet the area of your nose where you’re going to put it so it will stick to your skin. You will feel that it tightens as it dries. After a few minutes, gently remove it. You will notice that your pores are cleaner and tighter.

10 Luke Total Skin Solution Reivew - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

It was able to remove a few of my blackheads and whiteheads. I think it’ll be more effective if we steam our face first before applying any kind of nose pore strip or nose pack because after steaming, our pores are more open, exposing all those impurities in our skin.

Luke Skin Total Solution products are available in the following malls:

Landmark Makati/Landmark Trinoma
Allday Supermarket
KCC Mall
LCC Mall
Royal Duty Free
Gaisano Grand Mall 

Soon on Robinson’s Supermarket & Department Store, AFPCES

Luke Essence Face Mask is only 59.75 pesos / sachet, Cleansing Nose Strip is 189.75 (box of 5), and Hydrogel Eye Patch is 199.75 (box of 5).

It’s super affordable and effective! Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried any Luke products too!



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catherine vinluan

oh! sana meron na rin silang facial wash or cream..hihi
thank you for sharing.. 🙂


Clarisse Castro Santos

Hindi ako pala gamit ng skincare before, but after giving birth to my eliam prinioritize ko talaga ung skin ko. Acne marks, dark spots… Kaloka! Kaya nag invest ako ng basic na skincare products ( toner, moisturizer, sunblock, and eye cream). Since, nabasa ko to, parang gusto ko mag try mag mask. Never been tried masks before kasi nga di ako ganun ka aware sa skin ko. I want to try this particular brand ( if meron sa mall na malapit dito). 60 pesos is not bad kung magwowork sya sa skin ko. very affordable. Sana lang mag work din sakin ate genzel. Thankyou for this review ate gen! ❤️😘


Jhake O.

I want to try the nose strips, I mean I need to get myself those nose strips!
Btw, CONGRATULATIONS for making it to list of top bloggers! You deserve it Sis!


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