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Everybody has been paying so much attention to lashes and brows these days. Some people especially guys (based on my experience with guy friends), find us girls overreacting when it comes to our brows and lashes. Well, they really can’t relate so I never put my energy trying to explain to them 😀

Anyway, you know how much on flick brows and lashes can make a total difference and improvement to a girl’s makeup look. Bet you’re one of the girls who can go out without any makeup on, just eyebrows then you’re set. Makeup is totally fine but if you can grow your lashes and eyebrows naturally, why not right? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a summer vacation without worries if her eyebrow makeup is still intact after a relaxing day in the beach?

1 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

I actually have seen a lot of brands and products, promising longer lashes and fuller brows but these two from Measurable Difference are the ones that I get to try and test if they work or not. They sent me two products, the Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum with RegenaLash Plus and the Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift with RegenaLash.

Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum with RegenaLash Plus
Nourishes, Hydrates, and Conditions Lashes and Brows for a strong, youthful look

Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift with RegenaLash
Fuller, more youthful-looking brows instantly

2 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

3 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

Measurable Difference is a brand from the US. Their products are formulated with nature’s most beneficial ingredients and science’s most advanced technology for longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows without irritation. The lash serum I got is in Clear formula (no color) while the brow mascara is in the shade Espresso. They use RegenaLash, amazingly effective peptide complex with a patented QuSome Delivery technology that is designed to nourish, hydrate, conditions lashes and brows for healthier and fuller-looking brows in just 4-6 weeks. Their products are not tested on animals, clinically and opthalmologist tested.

4 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

I use the Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum on both lashes and eyebrows. The super thin brush helps you put the product nearest your lashes and allows you to target certain areas that you think need more product to be absorbed.

TIP: Be careful as it stings when you applied too much.

5 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

Whenever I feel lazy to fix my eyebrows, I use the Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift alone as normal brow mascara. I like this so much as it works like makeup too!

6 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

The shade available is Espresso. A dark brown shade, perfect if you have black or light brown hair.

TIP: Remove excess product from the wand and lightly apply against the direction of the hairs.
Build up the shade as needed and brush with a clean spoolie or brow brush to blend the product.

7 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

Here’s the BEFORE (Top photo) and AFTER (Bottom photo) in 4 weeks

Please note that I sometimes forget to apply the serums and tint but normally, I use them twice a day. In the morning after shower and before makeup, then at night before going to bed.


On my eyebrows, you will notice some bald spots on the before photo. After 4 weeks, there are hairs already! I also notice that my eyebrows are thicker and the hairs look healthier.

When it comes to my lashes, since I already have medium length lashes, I can’t see much improvement with the length of the hairs but I noticed my lashes are thicker, more hair strands growing (see below photo too). Another thing, when I started using the serum, I rarely see hair from from my lashes. Normally I have 1-3 lashes falling on my face but it has improved.

8 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

I forgot to take before photo of my lower lashes but believe me, my lower lash line has more hairs now. Not that much with the length too but I see additional hair strands growing and each hair is thicker.

Overall, Measurable Difference products work for me, mostly on making my eyebrows and lashes thicker and the hairs healthier. I assume there will be more improvements if I’ll continue to use the serum and tint. I’ll update this post with another comparison once I’ve emptied the tubes.

9 Measurable Difference Lash Serum Eyebrow Tint Review - (c)

If you’re interested to try these, you can buy them at SM Beauty section, Ground Floor, SM Makati. The Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum costs P1,549.00 (3 ml) while the Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift costs P519.75 (6.5 ml). They have other products that you can check out like their eyeliner, mascara, and primer!

For more info you can follow them on Facebook, then on Twitter and Instagram @MeasurableDifferencePH!

In case you’ve tried anything from MD, let me know your thoughts too!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me by the PR Team of Measurable Difference Philippines for editorial considerations. All my opinions and experiences stated in this post are solely my own and 100% unbiased. For more info, you can visit my Disclaimer & Disclosure Policy.


  1. oh my wow~ gusto ko cla e try sis! especially yung para sa lashes, so poor in lash department here 🙁
    possibly the only person na mayaman sa lashes in our house is my baby bro whose lashes were trim by my mom while he was sleeping. Idk if may scientific explanation yung ganon sis pero infairness effective hahaha sana may mom trim my lashes din when I was a baby…p.s your photos as always, really,really dope sis!!!! my photo inspo as always!!!!

    love lots,

  2. My brows are sparse back then. I’m glad I used castor oil and now it looks better. Even my eyelashes grow longer and thicker 🙂

  3. Yan pala yung measurable differences, hehe kala ko isa lang sa mga bagong mga brow tints at mascara, pero may iba pa pala siyang use. Kaya pala medyo pricey din siya.

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