O.S.T . Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum


Skincare is my top priority.  Good skin = Less Makeup = Less Expenses *laughs*  I was organizing my skincare stuff when I saw this in our fridge and just remembered that I haven’t posted my review about this amazing serum which everyone goes gaga for its effect on the skin.  Another thing that took me long for this review to be published was that my first attempt on this serum wasn’t really that successful.  I’ll let you know as we go on.


O.S.T . Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum | $24.99 | 30ml

Hails as the best selling product in 2012 and the fastest effect with Vitamin C.

Made in Korea

What does it do?

?  Revitalizing

?  Removing the dead skin cell

?  Whitening

?  Pore tightening

?  Recovering the trouble scar

?  Removing blackhead

Information Source : Wishtrend Website

The packaging is nice, looks so elegant and simple with its orange glossy theme.


The back label is purely Korean so I can’t understand any single word it says. *laughs*


Manufacturing and expiry date are both printed at the bottom of the box.


What I really like is that the bottle is sealed.  It comes with a normal bottle cap that you can replace with the dropper cap once you’re ready to use it.  It ensures 100% freshness of the product when you get your hands on it.  The details on the bottle are exactly the same with the box.


It comes with this glass dropper that has enough hole at the tip so you can control how much product you want to use.  2 – 3 drops are enough for the whole face and neck.  You may opt to add more if you want.

Below is a sample of how much you get for a single drop.


How it looks like when spread on the skin.  It looks more moisturized without making it look greasy.

First week of use

I was having these days as signs that my monthly period was coming.  First two days were good.  But on the third day, I began to breakout like crazy  even my neck had some pimples which was my first time to ever have experienced that kind of extreme breakouts.  That being said, I had to stop using the serum and see if it’s the culprit for my misbehaving skin.  I also thought maybe it’s because my period was coming so I had to wait till I was free from red flag days before I was able to use this serum again.

Second chance, 2 weeks more

I began to use this again.  My breakouts have subsided so I will definitely see if my skin will get worse for the second time.  I just used this every night after my moisturizer.  Leave it on my skin until the next morning.  I’m happy that the result was much better.  I wasn’t able to document the before and after as I also used other products so I think all of them contributed to the betterment of the condition of my skin *smiles*




?  Very hygienic to use and the packaging is good too

?  Not greasy, AT ALL!

?  Unlike other serums, this one is not thick in consistency.  It’s more on watery and very easy to spread and massage all over the face.

?  Easily absorbed by the skin.  It feels so light like you didn’t put anything at all.

?  Has citrus smell like that of pure vitamin C that we intake daily.

?  Tightens the skin and makes it more moisturized.  I didn’t see too much whitening effect as I think my skin has reached its whitest state.



?  Price.  It’s 24.99 USD (approx. P1,050.oo+)

?  Not available locally, only via online or resellers

?  Those with sensitive skin should do patch test first for 48 hours at least



?  Put in a cool and dry place.  What I do is put it inside our refrigerator just below the eggs’ tray.

?  I use this at night only

?  If you’re using moisturizer or other products prior to this, please let those set on your skin first.  Wait at least 15 minutes then apply the serum.  It actually depends on your preference but that’s what I do.

?  Good for any skin type.  For severe sensitive skin, consult your physician first.



Maybe, but not now.  I still have a lot of skincare products in line for me to try.  I can go back to this though but not that soon.




It’s good even though my first try wasn’t successful.  At least, it goes well on my second try.  I love the fact that it’s safe to use for all skin types because I really hate serums that are really thick and make you feel like you put cooking oil on your face.  I stopped using this though as I’m road testing another skincare brand and I alternate my skincare every month or two months.



Wishtrend Website

Visit their Facebook Page for more info.


What is your favorite facial serum so far?  Have you tried anything from Wishtrend?


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