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Ever since I was kid I love collecting bags. However, I only store them in a plastic box and put them on top of each other. I wasn’t paying that much attention on how to properly keep and take care of them back then until I found out that some of my bags are already damaged. Lesson learned, now I take extra care of my bags no matter how cheap or expensive they are.

I recently discovered Oh My Bag Phils¬†while browsing my Instagram Feed (I’m @genzelaces by the way!). Their products are focused on how you can properly store and take care of your beloved bags especially if they are designer ones worth hundreds of thousands. I tried some of their products and I can’t wait to buy more!

1 Oh my bag Phils Review - Handle Wraps

Oh my Bag Handle Wraps P299.00
Length: 37.5 inches
Width: 2 inches

I never thought handle wraps can make a huge difference in a bag. It comes in different designs and fabric. What I got is called Imelda. I chose this because of the versatile color and design. It’ll look good in most of my bags. It instantly made my bag looked brand new! Aside from making your bags prettier, it also protects the handles from wear and tear.

2 Oh my bag Phils Review - Weekender Bag

Versatile Weekender Bag P599.00
Handles are Man-made leather
With gold hardware and zipper closure
Height: 13 inches Width: 23 inches Depth: 5.5 inches

I brought it with me in an overnight trip to Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm. I was amazed by how many items I can stuff inside the bag including my laptop. By the way, handle wraps are not only for bag handles! They can work as bag accent too just like what I did here with my Imelda Handle Wraps ūüėČ

3 Oh my bag Phils Review - Bag Raincoat

Bag Raincoats P220.00
Medium (15.5 x 22 inches)
Large (18 x 22 inches)

I wasn’t aware there’s such a thing as bag raincoat! It comes in two sizes. The one on the photo above is their large version. I picked large so I can use it with different bags and also since I normally bring totes for everyday errands, this bag raincoat can fit on it. This is perfect for rainy season!

4 Oh my bag Phils Review - Bag Raincoat

I love that it comes with a pouch / small bag for storage.

5 Oh my bag Phils Review - Bag Filer

Bag Filer starts at P150.00
Available in 11 sizes:
10×16 / 10×15 / 11×12/ 11×15 / 12×13
12×18 / 14×15 / 5.5×8 / 8×9 /8×8 / 9×9

This is a must for your bags. I remember, I have a nice pouch from Shu Uemura, and since I just put them (my bags and pouches) in a large plastic box, the bag next to it is black, so my lovely pouch from Shu now has stains black dotted stains *I cry!* T_T. To avoid this, make sure you store them in their dust bags or get a bag filer. They have 11 sizes to choose from so you’ll find the right size for your bag for sure. The quality of the plastic is thick and sturdy.

Take care of your bags to prolong their beauty, expensive or not.¬†They have more items online on their website, you can check¬†¬†It’s a one stop shop for your bag care needs! They also have bag / shoe stuffers, bag shapers, dust bags, tote bags, and more! I’m planning to buy dust bags next time.

How do you keep your bags in shape? Any tips?



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