Etude House : Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam (Fruits Mix)

This is a repost from our old beauty blog. By Beauty Train · October 8, 2010 · 10 Comments · 1,628 Views I’m really excited to share my feelings with this product. Before I decided to buy this, I was really hesistant because of the word “Peel”. I believe that excessive peeling of the skin can lead to oilier skin. I […]

Snoe : Glam Jam Lip and Cheek Stain (Scarlet)

You know I am quite sad writing this.  Why?  I was actually about to finish this already then the page reloaded and all my work has gone T_TAnyway,  I just need to write and remember everything I said.  I don’t write scripts or anything when making a review.  Everything comes straight from my mind, so […]

NYX : Round Lipstick (Heather)

 My friend bought 5 NYX Round Lipstick from our Pink Lulu Online Shop Facebook or Pink Lulu Online Shop Multiply (Where you can find authentic NYX Make-ups at a CHEAPER Price! ) From the 5 Colors, Heather is the one that she doesn’t like that much since she has really fair skin (white) so she […]

GK GREAT Finds : Rummage Sale Bazaar

This is a late post 😀 I went to a bazaar near my bf’s place last March 25, and see what I got.  These items are so nice BUT at cheaper prices.  Imagine I bought all of these and I just spent less than Php500.00! These two necklaces are from House of Kait. Both are […]

Victoria’s Secret : Trio Blush

I’m so lucky to have my bf’s mom, a very generous and thoughtful soon to be my mother-in-law in the future 😀 after a few years.  I still have a lot of plans to do and dreams to reach first before I go to that next stage in my life. 🙂 Anyway, she gave me […]

Etude House: White Aqua Sun Guard

This is a repost from our old blog 🙂 By Beauty Train · October 10, 2010  I’ve been using this product for more than a month already.  This is included in my First Etude House Haul that I posted recently. 🙂 WHAT I THINK: Well, so far, this is my favorite sunscreen ever! I’ve tried different brands of suncreen and […]

Etude House : Petit Darling Eyes Eyeshadow

This is a repost from our old beauty blog 🙂 By Beauty Train · November 2, 2010 Oh yes at last, I’ll be done with my reviews for my First Haul from Etude House.  Actually dear sissies, I have a lot of products to be reviewed for you but I guess the time is not on my side at […]

Etude House : Brightening Sleeping Pack

This is a repost from our old beauty blog 🙂 By Beauty Train · January 16, 2011Sorry beauties for the very late update.  Yeah I know, Semestral break and Christmas vacation had passed but it seemed like I was bombarded with tons of stuff to do.  So here, finally I’ll finish my pending post. 🙂 Hooray for me! […]

Etude House : Natural Mask (Lemon)

This is a repost from our old beauty blog 🙂 By Beauty Train · January 19, 2011 I bought this one together with my Etude House Brightening Sleeping Pack.  At last! I’m down to my last Etude House product so far. This was my first time to try a mask like this one. The packaging is really nice […]