GK Gift Ideas : 2012 Mother’s Day Gift (BF’s Mom)

Last Sunday, May 13, 2012 was Mother’s Day!  Yes, but we must always show our love to our moms not only during Mother’s day but each and every day of our lives.  Without their deepest love and support, we are not here in this world.  *Teary eyed :’)  I miss my mom big time!  I […]

GK Visits : Neo Steel Salon

Last weekend, I was all alone because my weekend buddy Kim was enjoying her company summer outing in Punta Fuego, Batangas so I was all by myself spending the weekend.  I go to the salon to pamper my hands and feet every two weeks (they deserve this so much after working so hard each and […]

GK Food Trip : Cafe Juanita in Molito Alabang

Yesterday, after working hours, our boss treated us for dinner! YEY!  It was like a team building dinner.  We decided to go Cafe Juanita in Molito, Madrigal Business Park Alabang.  It’s their soft opening!  I love their foods, but their drinks (fruit shakes) are just so-so for me.  I think I should try their other […]

FM : Baked Blush in Delicioius Papaya (Just bought mine!)

It had been 2 days since my last post, I wasn’t able to post anything this weekend :'( due to busy schedule, emergency and of course Mother’s Day.  Seriously, my life feels incomplete whenever I can’t post anyth  Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there, I hope you had a blast weekend 🙂  Well, […]

GK Random Post : My 22nd Birthday Gifts :)

I know it’s already a month ago after my birthday and I will just post the gifts I’ve received on my 22nd Birthday! YEY!  It’s my first time to celebrate my birthday without my immediate family because they are in Australia (I miss them big time!)  But God really gave me great people who still […]

Outfit : Office Chic!

Hello everyone!  It’s my first time to post an outfit!  I’ve been wanting to take a photo of myself whenever I feel the passion of getting well-dressed but I don’t have a camera back then, only my phone camera.  When my boyfi gave me a point and shoot camera, that really made me more eager […]

Active White Plus : Eye Wrinkle Gel

I was eyeing on a good eye product before and I bought this Active White Plus Eye Wrinkle Gel from Watsons in SM.  This one costs PhP169.00 (approx. $4.03)  I’ve used this for a few months because I wanted to see its results but after a lot of chances given to this product, I really […]

The Body Shop : Super Volume Mascara

Hi everyone! I wasn’t able to post a single article last weekend due to very busy schedule so I’ll be posting a number of articles this week 😉  This post is a review of The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara.  It was included in a pack as a graduation gift for me last year March […]