Nichido Cosmetics : Tru Lashes (Glamour Lashes) Falsies

Hello everyone, after working on my upcoming giveaway (Will Post the Mechanics this week! I’m excited!), I decided to finally try my false lashes which was given to me by my mom last year February.  She was supposed to wear this on their Jr. & Sr. Prom in a school where she was teaching before. […]

Sophie Martin : Ultimate Lipstick (Brazilian Red)

I was organizing my make-up box last week when I saw this lipstick I bought sometime ago.  I rarely use this since I’m not really into lipstick before.  It’s the Ultimate Lipstick by Sophie Martin in Brazilian Red (KZUL15). Photo Credit : Catalogue 52 ( I bought it from a Sophie Martin Dealer where I […]

GK Random Post : Upcoming Giveaway! (open INTERNATIONAL)

As you all know, I still consider myself a newbie here in blogger.  I had a beauty blog before together with my friend in Beauty Train, until we decided to have our own individual blog.  My previous blog was almost more than a year old then finally I joined Blogspot, yey!  Thanks to my friend […]

GK Food Trip : EDO Pack Potato Chips from Daiso

Oh my I had a blast today with our Company Meeting / Team Building / Early Birthday Celebration of the CEO.  I’ll be posting about it soon, just need to edit sizes of the photos.  It’s my first time to play BOWLING! Super enjoy!  Though I need to go to bed to rest and sleep […]

Sophie Martin : Sophie Lipstick (Caramel Sugar)

This is a brief review for Sophie Lipstick in Caramel Sugar.  I have this lipstick for about a year already and I’ve been wanting to review this even in my old blog before but time is so good to me that I’m only able to post this now! Whew!Going to the review, the photo below […]

Sophie Martin : Cracked Heel Cream

We are always busy pampering our face that sometimes we tend to forget to take care of our feet.  We walk   for miles almost everyday of our lives and we must take good care of our feet.  I’m prone to dry skin on my feet and hands that’s why I always moisturize them.  I […]

Daiso Eyelash Case

You’ve probably saw this as one of the products I bought from my last Shopping Haul.  This is one of my Thrift Finds! Yehey!  The moment when I saw this all alone hanging on the shelf, I quickly grabbed it.  The funny thing though is I don’t have a lot of false lashes yet, I […]