Mabuhay Magazine App by Imageworkz (Cranium eSolutions Inc.)

Who among you are fond of downloading magazines in your iPad?  It’s far way better than buying the actual magazines.  You’ll save on space (where to put your magazines at home), money, and definitely you’ll contribute to the GO GREEN advocacy, less PAPER and save more TREES! 🙂 Recently, Mabuhay Magazine finally released their Mabuhay […]

Snoe Beauty : S Skin Stem Cell Sunblock Cream with SPF30

Hi everyone!  You may be wondering how many Snoe Products I bought? Actually I won a lot of products from the giveaway of Ms. Nikki of Askmewhats.  Thank you! Thank you! 🙂  I also got this product from the giveaway! Yey!  I was really planning to buy this in my next haul, but I won […]

UK Derm Erase (Scar Remover) Review

Who among you have tried using this product? Raise you hands! Hahaha!  Today, I’ll write a review about this long time scar remover product that I’ve been using for more that 2 years now.  I first saw this at Watsons.  I bought the smallest bottle worth PhP75.00 before, now PhP99.00 for 7ml.  This bottle is […]

Maybelline : Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

 Ever since BB creams started to become well-known here in the Philippines, I became an avid fan! 🙂  Just like what I always say, I love make-up a lot but I don’t wear make-up (better said “heavy make-up) everyday.  Before I knew about BB Creams, I just wear moisturizer + sunblock + maybelline face powder […]

Heartfelt Thoughts : Thank you readers! :’)

It was my friend / one of my closest friends, I even consider her as one of my best friends who introduce me into blogging.  It has been almost two years since I started blogging with her on Onsugar which is also my first blog site ever.  We named it as Beauty Train, meaning you […]

Etude House : Yogurt Peel Cleansing Foam (Fruits Mix)

This is a repost from our old beauty blog. By Beauty Train · October 8, 2010 · 10 Comments · 1,628 Views I’m really excited to share my feelings with this product. Before I decided to buy this, I was really hesistant because of the word “Peel”. I believe that excessive peeling of the skin can lead to oilier skin. I […]

Snoe : Glam Jam Lip and Cheek Stain (Scarlet)

You know I am quite sad writing this.  Why?  I was actually about to finish this already then the page reloaded and all my work has gone T_TAnyway,  I just need to write and remember everything I said.  I don’t write scripts or anything when making a review.  Everything comes straight from my mind, so […]

NYX : Round Lipstick (Heather)

 My friend bought 5 NYX Round Lipstick from our Pink Lulu Online Shop Facebook or Pink Lulu Online Shop Multiply (Where you can find authentic NYX Make-ups at a CHEAPER Price! ) From the 5 Colors, Heather is the one that she doesn’t like that much since she has really fair skin (white) so she […]