Althea Korea Birthday Box Haul #AltheaTurns2


Happy 2nd Birthday Althea Korea! Time flies so fast! I was part of the first anniversary celebration (watch my video here) and now, we’re celebrating their 2nd year! I wish you guys more years of providing great services and giving us the most affordable and quality korean products straight from Korea! To know more about […]

Get whiter, glowing skin with Olay Rose & Milky White Body Wash

Olay Whitening Rose and Milky White Body Wash - She Sings Beauty by Gen-zel

Filipinos, men and women, love to use whitening products to improve skin complexion and look fairer. We even sacrifice ourselves when we use strong whitening products that can cause tingling sensation which is a primary indication that your skin is suffering from irritation and dryness. What our skin needs is a product that can make […]

Kiehl’s Store of the Future and Power Serums for Power Women

16 Kiehl's Store of the Future - Power Serums - Midnight Recovery - She Sings Beauty by Gen-zel

Kiehl’s is known for its most advanced and effective skincare made with natural ingredients. Whenever I get asked by my makeup students what would be my most recommended skincare product for them to try, I always have the same answer – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It’s quite pricey but you must invest on your skin […]