Brighter Skin in 7 days with SkinWhite Advanced Whitening with Glutathione + Vitamin C

SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

When it comes to whitening products, I’m very picky. I don’t wanna be paper white, I prefer it to even out my skin tone and give me that brighter, youthful glow. Since there’s something new from SkinWhite, I decided to give it a try.

It’s the new SkinWhite Glutathione with vitamin C. Unlike any other brand in the market, it has twice the power of Gluta.

1 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

2 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

I take a shower 1-2x a day depending on the activities for that entire day. I started using this SkinWhite Whitening Soap Power Whitening Glutathione with Vitamin C. So far, this is my most favorite among the other variants of SkinWhite bars. It smells so good! Almost like a perfume. I still smell the scent even after I finish showering.

Tip: Wet your body / skin first then lather it directly to your skin. It has really smooth and creamy texture once in contact with water and your skin. That one in the photo is 65 grams and carved into a shape that you can easily grip and control application.

3 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

The soap comes in a box where you can find other details about the soap.

It is powered with Advanced TriPower Technology that helps block UV rays, suppress melanin production, and prevents skin darkening.

Most whitening soaps can cause skin dryness, but you will not experience it with SkinWhite Gluta. As I mentioned, it feels very creamy, hence gives your skin extra moisture. It’s like your lathering a body butter on your body when you shower. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly.

*You can also use it on your face but don’t forget to do 48 hours patch test especially if you have sensitive skin.

4 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

After the soap, don’t forget to apply lotion. Lotion is important to prevent your skin from drying. Most whitening soaps tend to dry your skin so it’s always advisable to put lotion to bring back the moisture lost when applying whitening soap. (Please stress importance of lotion after application)

SkinWhite Advanced whitening lotion has SPF20 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while working its way to lighten your complexion. It has the same functions with the soap, UV protection, reduces melanin production, and prevents skin darkening.

5 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

I apply generous amount of the lotion all over my body. I know some lotions give greasy or sticky feeling. Why? Because they only settle on the surface of the skin. However, the new SkinWhite Advanced Glutathione lotion, it gets absorbed by the skin faster and works deep down the layers of your skin. No more greasy feeling!

The scent is almost identical with the soap but this one is a bit sweeter and more powerful. No need to spray perfume when you’re in a hurry.

6 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

My skin after 7 days.

7 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

My skin after 14 days.

8 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

I use it on my entire body. Just in case your skin is on the sensitive side and you find it drying, my tip for you is to put Skinwhite Gluta lotion too to moisturize and still brighten your skin.

9 SkinWhite Glutathione Review - (c)

Using both soap and lotion will whiten your skin deep down to the core. This combo works on me. I can see the difference within a week (7 days) and even more after two weeks. What’s interesting with these products? You can find them in all leading supermarkets and malls’ beauty section nationwide. Set aside your worries that you need to shell a huge amount of money to improve your complexion. SkinWhite Advanced Whitening products are made affordable for us! So price-wise, effectiveness, scent (very important for me), and quality, I can say SkinWhite Advanced Whitening soap and lotion is the “Brightest” choice! It’s proven effective for years now. I believe I started using their products since high school so that was 13 years ago, and until now they work on me!

Let me know if you’ve tried any SkinWhite products before and how it works for you! If you have tips, let us know as well in the comments! Would love to hear your thoughts!


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