I support Penshoppe #IAMDIFFERENT Campaign to Stand Against Bullying

If you’re already a long-time reader, you know that I support Penshoppe’s different campaigns for how many years already but this is one that’s very close to my heart. Penshoppe #IAMDIFFERENT Anti-Bullying Campaign is very timely especially these days when it’s so easy to shame and bully anyone because of social media. It may not seem such a big deal to some but believe me, from a victim of bullying for how many times already, it is something that we should be concerned about.

1 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

I used to hate how big my eyes are, how I look, my body… almost everything about me while growing up. My classmates called me names. I’m a frog, tarsier, and all creatures that look ugly and have big eyes, and that’s why I’ve been dreaming to have those beautiful chinita eyes before. Sometimes they also laugh at me because of my height and body shape. The only thing that I’m holding onto? I was one of the top performers in school and very active in extra-curricular activities, so some of them respected me. Thinking I’m okay with that kind of setup, there was also a time that I got bullied just because I do good in school. Then I felt that I can no longer take the bullying and I don’t want to go to school anymore. That’s when my parents came to help.

2 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

I always share this whenever I give a talk about how I started as a blogger, youtuber, and professional makeup artist. Only few people know I almost gave up my dreams in life because the people around me made me think I’m not good enough. When I was in college, there was a group of people who keep pulling me down.

“She’s not beautiful, how come she’s a beauty blogger”… “You cannot make it!” … “You’re so trying hard to be beautiful”..

I felt like I want to give up. I thought, “Yeah, maybe they are right”. But when I cleared my head and my heart, I said to myself… Why will I let them dictate who I am? Why will I depend my future with what they label me?

To cut the story short, here I am today and you’re reading this blog. I took everything as a challenge. “One day you’ll see, you will all eat your words”.

5 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

I started to believe in myself because if I wont, who will? I embraced being different, being unique. I learned to love myself like no one else does. I trust what I can do and chase my dreams. I accepted that the road would be rough but nothing come easy. I dream big.

I joined women communities who aim to empower women and include that mindset in my goals in life. I help people overcome what I have experienced before through my own simple ways.

3 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Thank you Penshoppe for this campaign. Bullying is one of the causes of depression that even some commit suicide. If you don’t have a strong support system, you’ll be on the verge of giving up. It is very important for us to stand for people who need us. To make them feel they are not alone and we are all in this movement to stop bullying.

Do you know that 1 out of 2 Filipino students have experienced or witnessed bullying in their schools?

You can show your support to this campaign just by purchasing your own #IAMDIFFERENT item from the collection. Proceeds will go to the development of a module that discourages bullying and encourages acceptance in public school children in partnership with Teach For Philippines.

4 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Here are some highlights during the event.

6 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Reading how people are so proud of themselves because they are different can help boost your own confidence. You won’t feel alone and you belong to this group that shares the same vision.

7 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

8 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

International and local Penshoppe ambassadors and celebrities show their support to #IAMDIFFERENT campaign. We have Bella Hadid, Lucky Blue Smith, Kaia Gerber, and Sandara Park among other big names. Our own ClubPenshoppePH is also game to stand against bullies, Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte, Sofia Andres, Tanner Mata, Maria Fabiana, and Emilio Perez.

Alab Pilipinas coach Jimmy Alapag, SheTalks Asia co-founder Vicky Herrera, entrepreneur Patti Grandidge, singer/songwriter Keiko Necesario, and other local personalities also lent their voices.

9 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

“Being different is something to celebrate and be proud of, that’s why Penshoppe is truly committed to empowering the youth to embrace their individuality”, Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe’s Brand Director.

10 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

11 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

12 Penshoppe IAMDIFFERENT Anti-bullying Campaign - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

To know more about the campaign visit www.penshoppe.com. You can check the #IAMDIFFERENT collection and show your support at any Penshoppe store nationwide.

Let us all stand against bullying. Be the change.

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  1. I was bullied in grade school for wearing eyeglasses. During those days, you will seldom see a little girl in specs so I felt like I am different and the kids in school made me feel like I am an alien by teasing me. What I do is i keep my eyeglasses in my skirt pocket when I am in school which makes it hard for me to see everything since I have really poor eyesight. I was already in college when I felt comfortable in specs. Grabe tagal ko dinala yun hiya ko!
    It’s great that your talent gave you confidence! Dun ka bumawi sa kanila!
    Btw, parang nag iba yun layout ng blog ah!

  2. Halos lahat yata sis nakaranas ng pambubully sobrang hindi maiiwasan na walang bully ni isa sa mga taong makakasalamuha natin. Naranasan q dn mabully nung highschool lagi akong una sa pila ng flag ceremony kasi maliit aq inaasar din aq na bisikul (ilokano word ng snail) kasi nga matulis ung nguso ko bullad (ilokano word ng malaki ang mata) hehe same tau sis big eyes and who cares we love it 😀 binubully ako kasi hindi ko maintindihan yung sinasabi ng teacher ko lahat sila nag tatawanan na sa classroom habang ako nagtatanong pa sa katabi ko kung bakit ano sabi ni teacher? bakit kayo tumatawa? dahil bagong salta lang kame hindi ako marunong mag Ilokano from Nueva Ecija kame pero, lumipat kame dito sa Isabela nung highschool ako (family problem eklabu) pero DEDMAtology lang tlaga dpt sa lahat ng ssbhn nila kc pag nagpaapekto ka ikaw ang talo ang ginawa ko sumali q sa kung saan alam kong magaling aq na alam ko na mapapahanga q ung mga nambubully sakin which is pagsasayaw cheerdance flier aq napapanganga nalang sila pag iniitcha q sa ere mula nmn non onti nlbg nambully sakin ..

  3. Arselyn de Guzman-Intoy October 30, 2017, 5:27 AM

    Ang ganda ng concept na to ng Penshoppe! Very timely! I was also bullied before nung grade school because of my eyes, nose and legs (madalas ako tawaging piso kasi marami ako peklat sa legs before) at talagang naka affect yung sa confidence ko. Never ako nag dress til college. College grad ko nung first time ako mag dress kasi nya iniisip ko baka kung ano ano na naman sabihin ng ibang tao. But gladly, naovercome ko sya! Inisip ko na lang we are all flawed naman, and it’s up to me kung paano ko ihahandle yun at iaangat ang sarili ko. Ngayon, I just follow what makes my heart happy and keber sa thoughts ng iba!
    I am hoping na sana matigil na talaga ang bullying cause not all who are bullied are as strong as we are. Nakakalungkot everytime may news bout suicide due to depression.

  4. catherine vinluan October 30, 2017, 8:18 AM

    We are all different right? The way we think, the way we express our opinion and many more. we just need to accept and respect other people. #IAMDIFFERENT

  5. Jennifer Pasion-Potian November 2, 2017, 11:45 PM

    Huhu naalala ko tuloy ng High School ako maliit na tao lang ako kaya namn madalas ma small ng mga class mate ko huhuhu. Buti nalang may naging friend ako na napag tatangol ako.
    Tahimik at mahiyain lang kasi ako halos isa o dalawa lang ang friend ko sa class room.

  6. Sheena Marie Cantor November 6, 2017, 6:14 PM

    Whenever I feel that I am being bullied way back then I always keep in mind that there are other much worse situation out there especially in other countries but what I realized later on is that it’s all the same, it’s bullying and it must stop.