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Why you should upgrade to OPPO F5?

Tech & Gadgets
OPPO F5 Review - Selfie Expert - Capture The Real You - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Being the No. 1 Selfie Capital in the world, we take our selfie photos very seriously and technology just needs to go with the fast pace and forever changing mobile phone features to offer something new and different. Whenever I take my selfies, I go for the most natural looking photo to post online. I […]

Hadabisei All-in-one Face Mask by Kracie

Kracie Hadabisei All In one Facial Mask Review - Gen-zel She Sings Beauty

Facial mask is one of the most essential steps in my skincare routine everyday. It can be wash-off mask, peel-off mask, or sheet mask. However, the most convenient for me is sheet mask. I normally use it once a week or whenever I feel like my skin is dull and needs some extra-boost. You can actually […]

Why I love Collagen? Feat. Collagen by Watsons, The Collagen Expert

Collagen by Watsons

I admit, I still love whitening products but I’m more on maintaining younger-looking skin that’s why I’m into products with collagen these days. Supplements, healthy drinks, topical skincare, and more, as long as the active ingredient is collagen, count me in! WHAT IS COLLAGEN? Collagen is the building block of our skin and it is […]