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Genzel Kisses Throwback Thursday

I know this post might be published Friday instead of today Thursday, since I honestly forgot that it’s Thursday!  For all I know, it’s still Wednesday *geez*  poor memory here 😀  Well, I was actually tagged by one of my blogger girl friends Eyah of Eyahnism last week but I just read her tweet Friday so it’s too late to make this post already, and finally here it is!

This is just a quick post to give you an overview on my blogging journey.  How I started from zero (like an empty cup) to where my blog is at present.  I hope I’ll inspire you even just a little bit from this post.

Genzel Kisses Throwback Thursday

I’ve been hearing about blogging years ago but didn’t mind to pay attention to it because I thought, I won’t have time for it due to my studies.  Maintaining scholarship just for me to study and help my parents, I can’t risk it with trying new stuff and devout my time on it.  Then when I transferred school, I was invited by my dearest friend Kim to start blogging together, she has her own blog tho check it here and this one is for the both of us.  I was originally from Onsugar.com, under the name – Beauty Train.

Beauty Train

Just as expected, I wasn’t able to cope with posting on this blog of ours so much.  Then when I came back here in the Philippines, Kim encouraged me to make my own blog since she sees how I love sharing all my knowledge about different stuff.  Be it about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, music, you name it.  As long as I have information to share and to answer your question, I will.  I’m not self-interested when it comes to things I know people can benefit from which is also my weakness, I tend to trust so easily and even forget to protect my own sometimes.

Snoe Beauty

My first ever decent blog haul – from Snoe Beauty.  Read it here.

I started blogging without any decent gadget but my Nokia E5 Camera.  My first posts were not that good when it comes to photos and I was still on the process of learning that time.  It feels great though, improving every single day of my blogging journey.


Then finally, BF to the rescue!  This is my first ever digital camera, that I can call my own.  He gave this to me on my birthday last year with matching surprises and all.  So sad that this was stolen last April 30 this year just after its 1 year camera birthday.

gen-zel layout1

Since day one, from Beauty Train to Genzel Kisses, my blog theme has always been pink.  Light, dark, hot, as long as it’s pink.  I just can’t find any photo of my first blog layout but of course, still it was pink.  Kim helped me with that.  This photo above was revamped by my trusted web designer – Deann of It’s Me Deann.  You can read my blog revamp post here.


FM Makeup Baked Blush in Delicious Papaya – My first ever a bit decent review 😀

I honestly don’t know how to properly review a product before.  What I just do is say whatever I think is important just like what I do when I share good things with my friends.  It’s actually one of the reasons they encouraged me to blog.  I talk a lot!  If they will ask me like “What brand is nice for pimple prone skin?”  then, I will talk like forever educating my friends with what I know and stuff *laughs*  I even remember my friend Giselle telling me, I can be a tour guide in Watsons! *ROFL!*


Firmoo Global Optical Online – My first ever sponsor

I love sunglasses, for driver like me, it’s my best friend every morning every time I go out to avoid freckles, sunspots, and skin darkening most especially around the eye area.  Thank you Firmoo for being the first brand who trusted my blog 🙂 Read it here.

Genzel Kisses Blog

Welcome to WordPress!

I’ve been having this dilemma for a long time until I finally gave in in leaving Blogger and venture blogging in WordPress and I don’t regret anything at all.  I had around 800 GFC Followers before I left, the one that was holding me back in transferring, then finally here I am! 🙂

Genzel Kisses First postMy first post ever!

It feels so nice to reminisce where everything started.  I’m so thankful for all those people who have been supporting me since day 1 and I’m trying my best to give back all your love for GKB.  I’ve been into light pink, hot pink, light pink, and a lot of blog revisions.  I’m also planning to have a new clean layout but of course it’s still pink, that’s the signature of this blog I guess.  For my current layout, all thanks to le Boyfriend.  He chose this shade of pink (from my logo on the upper left) and arrangements.  Like it to bits!

The best part is, I gained new friends not just virtually but we also see each other which I enjoy a lot since I’m just at home all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I do.  If only I can share more, maybe this post will take forever. Hihi.  It is indeed, when you love what you do, it will love you back <3

gen-zel signature



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