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My Skincare Routine 2014

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Dermclinic - Nuderm

We’re still on the first month of the year and I noticed that I lot of beautiful bloggers have updated their skincare routine as well.  I really planned to use these products starting 2014.  New year, new routine, better skin!  I used have new skincare products to try every month so I change my routine monthly […]

The Cream Factory Bath Cream: Dessert for the skin!

The Cream Factory Bath Cream

Recently, everyone is going gaga with these bath creams as you can score a bottle for free from Sample Room.  I remembered, I haven’t reviewed them yet, ohh!  I’ve been using these for more than a month already and I still get excited every time I go shower and pamper my skin with these bath […]

Aquazorb Microfiber Towel – I switched!

Aquazorb - Best Facial Towel

Have you ever asked yourself about your facial towels?  I wasn’t really concern about it until I read about it from one of my favorite bloggers, Rae of Scatterbraintures about Microfiber Towels.  I used to just get any towel from the drawer and rub my face like there’s no tomorrow.  Yes, I was that harsh […]

My experience with DermXpert Skincare – Papaya E

DermXpert Papaya Skincare Products

I’m really thankful for my skin for not reacting like crazy everytime I switch to new products.  I actually forgot to review the ones I’ve used for the last two months before I switched to this so I’ll be updating you guys about it next week.  For now, I would like to talk about the […]

Featured: Le Posh Blvd Fragrances + Giveaway!

Le Posh Blvd Gift Sets

I was never fascinated with fragrances before until I reached my 20’s.  My life is normal without wearing any perfume when I was high school – college.  A bottle can last me a year! *laughs*  I only use it whenever I’m in the mood to smell different or during special occasions.  Then my aunt went […]

Virginia Olsen | Pure Organics Lip Creme

Virginia Olsen Pure Organics Lip Creme

 Whew!  Finally my site is okay now.  I’ve been experiencing problems with my blog for the past 2-3 days as I need to upgrade servers.  All thanks to my great server admin who fixed everything.  I am now in VPS, which means I have my own allocated server yay!  It’s time to take my blog […]