Viseart Neutral Mattes | A Must-have palette for Makeup Artists

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Time flies so fast and I just realized I’ve been doing hair and makeup professionally as a career for almost two years now. I’m thinking of sharing my journey how I became a makeup artist (everyone who knows me personally was shocked with this news *haha*) in a separate post. Will be interested to know if ever? Would love to hear in the comments! 🙂

Anyway, this palette is one of my first ever investments when I was starting. All makeup artists I know rave about this palette and the reviews are interesting so I gave in, good thing I did!

1 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

VISEART 01 Neutral Mattes

I forgot where I bought it but it’s online. You can get this from DTC Makeup, will link at the end of this post. This particular palette is very popular for brides. Neutral colors and all matte.

It comes in a black box, so simple, nothing fancy. The palette itself is compact and houses 12 colors, around 2g each. The packaging may look flimsy but it’s not. I like that the cover with their logo at the center. It’s clear, so I can easily see through the palette and decide which color to use.

3 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

Made in France
All ingredients and information you need can be found here at the bottom of the palette.

2 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

12 gorgeous Matte shades

Swatches (without primer/concealer as base)
Yes, it’s that pigmented. No need for primer nor concealer to make the color pop on the skin.

4 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

First Row: L-R

5 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

2nd Row: L-R

6 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

3rd Row: L-R

What I like about this palette:

♥ Pigmented with or without eyeshadow base
♥ No fallout
♥ Very easy to blend
♥ Soft and fine texture
♥ Can be used for contour, eyebrow, dry or wet
♥ If you want more intense color, you can wet your eyeshadow brush (yes, brush, not the product) with MAC Fix Plus
♥ Long-lasting
♥ A little goes a looong way! This will last you years!
♥ Just the best matte eyeshadow palette I’ve ever had

7 Viseart Neutral Mattes Review Swatches - (c)

I tried removing it with a wet tissue, you can see there are still some residue left.
This palette is really long-lasting, I tell you.

I can’t think of anything negative about this palette honestly. Maybe the price? since you can get this online around P3,800.00 – P4,500.00. However, I think it’s a good investment especially if you’re a makeup artist. 12 pigmented and quality eyeshadows in a single palette. Viseart Neutral Mattes is perfect for brides too! Will help you achieve that natural looking makeup. Viseart also has Dark Mattes (thinking of getting this next), Sultry Muse, and Paris Nudes. They also have Lip Palettes that you can check out.

I got mine from a different shop but forgot the name. You can check Digital Traincase Makeup, I just checked and it’s available for P4,000.00 (on-hand).

Let me know if you have a must-have eyeshadow palette that you can recommend too!


  1. Please share how you became a makeup artist. I sent a direct message in instagram too. 🙂

  2. Anna Carolina Lechadores Robelles March 4, 2016, 4:58 PM

    OMG, the prize 🙂 haha pero the quality was really good kaya no doubt the price is too pricey. Enjoy the beauty miss genzel 🙂

  3. I haven’t found my must-have palette yet. Actually, I’ve already tried some makeup palettes before but I’ve never been satisfied with them. Since you have recommended Viseart Neutral Mattes, I think I’ll give it a try. 🙂

  4. Wow! I saw you using it on one of your clients sis and I agree that it’s really pretty!!!!
    wanted to get one for myself too though I’m not a makeup artist. lol
    So agree din that it’s also great for contour because of its neutral colors! I think it’s a really good investment talga for MUA’s sis
    medyo mamahalin nga lang hehehe so glad that you share your thoughts with it sis!

    love lots,

  5. Abegaill J. Villacruz March 29, 2016, 11:06 AM

    Wow, the swatches are impressive. The shades are really pigmented. But the price is too much for me right now. haha. Maybe Tarte palette will do? Pero if I have the money I’ll buy this one. 🙂

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    […] Texture. They are not as creamy as you wish but they aren’t too chalky neither which is good since light colors and shimmer ones tend to be powdery. There’s a little fallout but honestly, I haven’t found any eyeshadow palette, even UD or Lorac that doesn’t fallout even a little, except for my Viseart palette. […]

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